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What needed to happen

It painted Slytherins in a different light.
In the seven books (even in the epilogue Albus was originally desperate not to be a Slytherin)
We had saw good Slytherin students in Cursed Child.
Yeah we don't know anything about the Slytherin seeker before Draco, he didn't say anything in the first book.
We don't know anything about the Slytherins sorted in Harry's fourth year. Except Fred and George hissed at one of them.

Harry's son was a Slytherin.
His best friend was a Malfoy.
Who also fancied Rose Granger, who's mother was called a Mudblood by his father many times in school, his father even hoped she died in the second book.

It shown that being sorted into Slytherin doesn't mean you'll be the next Voldemort. They just had a bad history since their founder.
Nothing wrong with ambition.
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