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So what did you really want?

If you hated this you call plot holed fanfiction.

Harry & Ginny's wedding.
Ron & Hermione's wedding.
Ginny having her kid at St Mungos.
Hermione having her kid at St Mungos.
Astoria having her kid at St Mungos.

The new staff, we know Hagrid still teaches, McGonagall is head, Neville teaches Herbology and a female potions teacher. (in Cursed Child)

What the wizarding world did on 31st December 1999 when the Muggle and No-Maj world believed it was the end of the world.

A Quodpot match! (The American version of Quidditch read Quidditch Through The Ages if you've never heard of it)

Molly saying who she made the love potion for. Remember when she told Ginny and Hermione she made one when she was a young girl (third book) and they giggled. lol
Oh and why did she have different keeper of the grounds and caretaker. How old is she?

Its a silly idea but once there was a rumour before Cursed Child that they would do a play about Harry's life before Hogwarts. But we got bits in the books, even the primary school name on the Harry Potter wiki.
Before Hogwarts the only bit about him he liked was his scar. His hair growing back when Petunia shaved it all off except his fringe to hide his scar. Which he couldn't explain, because he didn't know he was a wizard. A horrible jumper of Dudley's that went smaller and smaller to a size of a sock and Petunia thought it had shrunk in the wash. Dudley and his gang "Harry hunting", Dudley and Piers bullying, no one wanting to be friends with Harry because of Dudley, he was chosen last in P.E. because of Dudley. Harry ending up on the school roof to avoid Dudley and his gang, turning a teachers hair purple. Harry said to Hagrid when he first met him he could do maths when he didn't know about Hogwarts, magic. Car crash, cupboard under stairs, Mrs Figg having to make Harry's times miserable because the Dursley's wouldn't let her look after him if he enjoyed his time with her, while they took Dudley to places with Piers on his birthday, going on holiday. (Never put up a tent and never swam until book four) Marge hitting him with her walking stick when he was four years old to stop him beating Dudley at musical chairs at Dudley's fifth birthday, letting her dog Ripper chase him up a tree, giving him dog biscuits and Dudley a robot. Forced to call Marge "Aunt." In the second book when Ron asked Harry if he had any muggle money when they couldn't get through the platform Harry said he hadn't had any pocket money for six years (well at least the Dursley's had gave him pocket money weird?), his birthday presents coat hanger and Vernon's old socks. When one of the wizards bowed at him Petunia asked Harry if he knew him, she rushed him and Dudley out of the shop without buying anything, one had shaken his hand and a witch waved at him on a bus, don't ask questions and the end attempting to force Harry to go to a Muggle school Stonewall High the local comprehensive, dying some of Dudley's old school uniform, the school bullies flush kids heads down the toilets oh yes Vernon he would be grateful for that school over Hogwarts.
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