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Sirius and Hagrid




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Sirius and Hagrid

How many people missed the glaring clue in the book Sirius was innocent? I'll admit I noticed it the first time today after years of reading and listening to the books. Why would he let Hagrid fly away with Harry if he wanted him dead? Sirius would have been smart enough to know he couldn't easily kill Hagrid if he knew he was a half giant, which I'm guessing he didn't, but if he had killed Peter and all those muggles it wouldn't have mattered to him killing Hagrid too and if he did know Hagrid was a half giant he could have just blown the bike out of the air which most likely have killed Harry. Not to mention Hagrid wouldn't have been ready for him to kill Harry, so he could have killed him in Hagrid's arms and not been stopped.


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Re: Sirius and Hagrid

Always clues in the earlier books about what would happen in the later books.
Sirius not wanting Harry dead. (book one)
Petunia's jealousy of Lily. Any child would love to be a witch. The way she spoke in the hut on the rock was like jealousy. (book one)
Ship clues. (before book six and seven)
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