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Skyrim - Imperials vs Stormcloaks

Which Side

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Hogwarts Professor - McGonagall

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Post July 31st, 2015, 5:17 pm

Skyrim - Imperials vs Stormcloaks

For all of you Skyrim fans out there, which side are you on in the civil war?
I personally stand behind the Empire wholeheartedly. While they do have their faults, it is nothing compared to the disaster and persecution the Stormclaks presents.

First off is the wealth, trade, boarders, migration and welfare. Despite that the Stormcloaks tries to deny it, Skyrim needs the Empire. They need the East Empire Company, they need the trade and the traders and they need the imperial currency. If you go around talking to merchants around Skyrim, who hasn't taken a side, it is clear that they and the land prospers from being a part of the Empire. It's not only money that flows, but also a lot of goods which don't naturally exist in Skyrim.

Furthermore the Empire offers stability and safety for every one regardless of race and magical abilities. They do not discriminate and allows everyone to have a chance to prosper and make something out of them selves. The Imperial Legion is not just imperials, as the majority of it comes from the other races combined. We see this in Skyrim as well as there are High Elves, Redguards, Nords and more in the Legion. And in the Imperial controlled areas race does not matter.

When it comes to the Stormcloaks, they ARE racist and there is no denying that. The Dark Elves were forced into slums, the Argonians were thrown out and they completely refuses to help the khajiits who were attacked by bandits outside of Windhelm. The Stromcloak army is made out of 100% nationalistic nords who wants to go back to their old ways of pro-agriculture and pro-militant society. They are according to them selves defending their way of life. They want or "prefer" a pure nord society with no outsider especially those they consider as "inferior" such as argonians and elves. This life style which the Nords once had resulted in several attempt of conquest as well as murders in the neighboring lands such as High Rock, Morrowind and Hammerfell.
That is wrong and it really does not matter if they consider it their way of life and wants it back. It should not be allowed to happen.

They are also arrogant when they consider their own abilities to fight and defend Skyrim. While they Nords truly are one of the best warrior race in Tamriel, they completely lack everything when it comes to using magic. Both in the offensive way, but also when it comes to defending them self from magic. The Dominion would literally blow them to pieces if the Nords don't have Imperial, Breton, Redguard and Dark Elf mages to back them up. The Stormcloaks as an army is so anal that it's embarrassing. They only have melee warriors which can use a bow with some decency when needed. They are also to few to successfully stand up against the Dominion.

Skyrim is a part of the Empire and the majority of the Nords wants to stay and be loyal to the empire. It's only a few racist Nords who quits everything they once stood for in the face of the first setback instead of making an effort for everyone.

The Empire embraces unity and prosperity were the Stormclaoks stands for a "we versus them" militant view based on their "old true nordic way".

I once tried to play a Stormcloak character, but every moral decency in me objected and I had to delete the character. No, in my opinion, the Empire is not only the best choice, but also the only decent one.
I support canon because I have actually read the books and seen what they feel and whom they love.



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Post November 21st, 2015, 12:32 am

Re: Skyrim - Imperials vs Stormcloaks

I agree with everything you said :lol: My first play through was with an Imperial and after watching all the abuse, persecution, and rascism presented by the Nords, I have a hard time even making one to play with. The only thing I agree with the Stormcloaks on is this:

You know when you first enter Solitude and the guy in charge of the gate is being beheaded? And he's like, "It was a duel!"?

Well, I mean, geez. You guys had a crap king that got shouted apart in a fair duel. How is that this guys fault? Chill out.

And also, the commander or whatever of the Imperials reminds me of Tywin Lannister from ASOIAF which is cool af. Best commander every.



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Post November 29th, 2015, 11:17 pm

Re: Skyrim - Imperials vs Stormcloaks

I've always sided with the Stormcloaks. I've been an anti imperialist since Morrowind >_>


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Mulatto Butts

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Post February 10th, 2016, 3:48 pm

Re: Skyrim - Imperials vs Stormcloaks

You point out that the Stormcloaks are racist, but isn't racism a common sentiment shared throughout Tamriel? You see the racism of the Dunmer in Morrowind, and in Oblivion the Argonians constantly tell you how racist the Imperials are. Technically everyone in Skyrim is racist, because they believe that every race is good at different things and discriminate against them as such.

Regarding the Dunmer, the Altmer merchants say the reason they were forced into the slums is because they haven't put in the effort to gain the Nord's respect. And not all are in that situation, you have one from the house of Hlaalu who owns his own farm. I think the fact that the Altmer are allowed within the Stormcloaks is proof that they aren't racist in the Elvish department. And I would like to point out the segregation of the Dunmer was actually from before Ulfric in the time of the High King, and that the Decree of Monument shows that the Elves (Dunmer and Altmer alike) are actually allowed to stay in the city tax-free and that they are meant to be self-governed.

As for the Khajiit, the Stormcloaks look down on them because of their reputation of theiving and selling skooma and moonsugar. They don't allow their trading caravans into the city because of the possible effect that it will have on the citizens. Why didn't they help the Khajiit who were getting attacked? Well, meh. There are evidently some racists among the Stormcloaks. But that doesn't make the Stormcloaks all racist.

The segregation of the Argonians outside of the city isn't because of hatred or prejudice against them but because of their dark history with the Nords. Ulfric is in the middle of a war, and doesn't want the Empire to capitalize on the susceptibility of the Argonians to the Hist.

But don't mind me, I could care less for what happens. I just go around FUS RO DAHing bitches.
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Post February 19th, 2017, 11:17 pm

Re: Skyrim - Imperials vs Stormcloaks

I am loyal to the empire every time. I usually play Khajiit though, in which case I am loyal to myself alone in reality :P

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