Post February 6th, 2018, 12:33 pm

Games with voice-based spell casting (In Verbis Virtus-like)

I wanted to make a thread about videogames that let you cast spells with your voice (with speech recognition, through a microphone). I think the only one that makes it right (imho) is In Verbis Virtus, that has latin-like spells that sound very much like those in HP. A random video for those who don't know what I am talking about:

There was also a user on the forum of the game that made a patch to make HP formulas available in the game, as well as some other language (Elvish!). Voice recognition worked very well (I speak for myself). The only other case that I know of spells with voice is the Kinect addon of Skyrim, I never tried it but it did not look very good and not spell casting centered. Voice recognition is always active and it picks up everything, from reviews it looks like it often does unwanted actions for no reason (even quick saves). In Verbis Virtus only takes voice input when you raise your character's hand (with mouse button), which to me is a very nice way to integrate speech recognition without making a mess. The hand unfortunately does not hold a wand, but I found it very cool nevertheless :D .