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First book name change & American English



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First book name change & American English

Seeing as American's changed the name of the first book Sorcerer's Stone, every other book should've too. Oh and the American English.
I've read A Series of Unfortunate Events and Twilight both are in American English, nothing changed when they were released in Britain no title changes either.

Names for the rest of the books.
Two: Chamber of Mysteries.
Three: Marauder's Map.
Four: Tri Wizard Tournament.
Five: Dumbledore's Army.
Six: Potions Book.
Seven: Battle of Hogwarts.
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Re: First book name change & American English

I never really understood why 'Philosopher's Stone' was changed to 'Sorcerer's Stone' for American readers. To be honest, most English kids wouldn't already know about philosophers' stones/alchemy etc until they read HP, so why assume that the original title must be too confusing for American kids?

When English books are released in America and other English speaking countries that use different terminology (and vice versa), it would make sense to keep the original words, but include footnotes to explain what they mean ('jumper'='sweater', 'trainers'='sneakers', 'git'='jerk' etc.)

As a kid, I had the shock of my life when I first encountered the American use of the word 'fanny' in a book (ie backside.) In England, the word is slang for female genitalia lol. I still snigger like a kid when I hear Americans refer to what we call 'bum bags' as 'fanny packs' :lol:.
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