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Life after the Battle of Hogwarts-Hagrids story

Hagrids life takes a new turn a year after the battle of Hogwarts. Hagris is awoken in the night by the howling of wolves. He rushes into the forest following the cries. He finds a hollow where many wolves are howling and pacing uncomfortably as of the were anxious for Hagrid arrival. And then Hagrid hears somethings new cry not the howl of a wolf or bark of a new pup, but the soft cry of a child. Hagrid is lead to the child by the alpha wolf. It's a small child, less then a year old, dressed in tattered rags. The child is shivering and appears sickly. Hagrid swoops down and takes the child into his arms. It immieidetly stops shivering and calms. Hagrid riches the baby to the hospital wing where Mde Pomfrey examines her. Mde Pomfrey says she is lucky to be alive but she may not make it through the night. Hagrid stays up with her through the night telling her stories of the great adventures of Harry Potter. In the morning Hagrid is found asleep with his head lying on the bed. The baby is awake, smiling and playing with his beard. He opens his eyes to her smiling face. Mde Pomfrey says she will be find but asks what to do with her now. Notices are posted for missing children. No one comes to claim her. Hagrid has taken care of her and she has bonded to him. He names her Harrietta. As close as he could get to naming her after Harry as she comes alive hearing of his stories.