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The Cards Which Run Through Time


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The Cards Which Run Through Time

Turn 1:
The Gathering of Magic

It was 1993. A new kind of game called Trading Card Game was invented and becoming popular. It was named Magic: The Gathering. There were quite few people who got hyped over it and it even reached the ears of magical community.

An expelled Slytherin Hogwarts student, named May Vooda, played it a lot. Then a thought occured to her: Why didn't she make one based on the real magical world itself? For 2 years, there had been strange things happened at Hogwarts involving a famous boy named Harry Potter. Sure it would make quite a profit if she made a Trading Card Game based on him. With that in her mind, she started working to make the cards. The first set of cards would be about Harry's early adventures. She was prepared to do anything, from Legilimency to stealing memories to get as much info as she wanted about Harry. After she was finished the making of a set, she casted Geminio on it so that it was mass-produced. Now, she was ready to market it in a place as far as possible from Hogwarts so that people there wouldn't notice that she took profit from it.

Some months later, a boy was window shopping at a magical card shop. He was an 10 year-old named Hadro Neptune. He wanted to buy a pack of Chocolate Frogs until he saw something new: A Harry Potter Trading Card Game. Being a fan of Harry Potter due to the story which he heard from his older brother who was studying at Hogwarts, he bought it without a second thought. After briefly reading the rules, he wanted to try it out. He stood at a corner of the shop waiting for another person to buy the cards, impatience of what new challenge would await him.

After a while, another kid about the same age as Hadro showed up and bought a Booster Pack. Hadro immediately approached that kid. He was so impatient to try playing it that he forgot his manner.
"Hi, do you play it?"
"Who are you?"
"I am Hadro Neptune, new to the game."
That kid walked away. Feeling annoyed, Hadro asked while shouting.
"Do you want to testplay with me?"
"Watch out your manner, kid. I can beat you without using the Booster Pack I just bought."
"You are also a kid. Let's prove if you can beat me."
"Fine than. Oh yeah, since you are a beginner, we start playing by shouting the word "Duel" together."
They both shouted simultaneously, "DUEL!".

Hadro's opponent said, "I play Harry Potter!"
"How did you get that? I wanted it," said Hadro while looking for the best Character card he could play, "I play Draco Malfoy!".
At once, both Character cards flew themselves to the front of their users. Then, a mini figure of Harry and Draco emerged from their respective card arts.
"Wow! I didn't know that the cards were infused with magic," said Hadro in awe. "Bet you don't even realize that our decks have been levitating themselves in the air," replied his opponent, "Now, we draw 7 cards". Before Hadro even had a time to pull a card with his hand, 7 topmost cards from his deck moving itself in front of his face, with their cardbacks facing his opponent. His opponent's deck also did the same.

"Since you are still a noob, I shall get the first turn," said Hadro's opponent. "I draw one card" one more card moved from his deck to the front of his chest. "I play Care of Magical Creatures and Transfiguration."
"I draw one card" one card moved from Hadro's deck. "I play Potion and Charms".
"Draw," Hadro's opponent drew a card. "I use all my actions to draw extra cards". Two more cards moved from his deck to the air. "Harry Potter's ability: Whenever I use an Action to draw a card, I may draw 2 cards instead of 1", Harry raised his wand and pointed it to the topmost of Hadro's opponent's deck, two more cards levitated to the front of him.
"Depleting your own life?" mocked Hadro while drawing his card. "Let's see what do you have up your sleeve. Draco Malfoy's ability: During my turn, I may use an action and discard a card from my hand to look at yours". One card levitating in front of Hadro appeared as if it was disintegrating, while the cards in front of his opponent now had flipped and facing Hadro instead. "All high-cost cards, eh? There are only 2 Lessons. They must be the ones you got last from Harry's ability", Hadro raised his voice, "Malfoy's ability allows me to choose one card in your hand and discard it. I choose that Transfiguration card". A jet of light came from Draco's wand and hit the Transfiguration card. That card was then disintegrated. "I play Potion. Turn end".
"Draw," Hadro's opponent drew a card. "I play Care of Magical Creatures," he played the Lesson card which wasn't discarded by Hadro in the previous turn. "And I also play Transfiguration. Turn end".
"Luckily you drew a Lesson card, eh? Draw," saud Hadro. "Malfoy's ability: I discard one card, look at our hand and discard 1 card of them" he immediately chose the opponent's card which had the lowest cost. "I play Charms. Turn end".
"Draw. By discarding two of my Care of Magical Creatures cards, I play Norbert," a box appeared besides Harry and from its small opening a dragon's head emerged. "You would regret what you said," said Hadro's opponent.
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Re: The Cards Which Run Through Time

Not a bad start so far. Can't wait to see where you take it. It would be nice if it was a bit longer, but it is good so far.

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