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Searching for godmother fic




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Searching for godmother fic

This is a total long shot..like probably won't find it, but I've just got to ask..
Many moons ago I started reading a fic ( don't even know if we called them fics back then) where Harry met his Godmother. She was a little different, I think wandless magic played into the story a bit. She was a love interest for both Sirius and Snape at least in the beginning.
I can't remember much more beyond that, but I've been thinking about it a lot lately and all my searches have left me with nothing. If anyone knows anything about this one, I'd love to know.



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Re: Searching for godmother fic

Just keep searching, lol. :) Rack your brain to try to remember specifics that you can put into the search engine, lol. :)

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