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How to make a moving portrait




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How to make a moving portrait

Well there are multiple ways but I think the best way although it takes a long time to make one is the method with digital photo frames.

Step 1) Purchase A digital photo frame that's at least 10 inches in portrait mode. A tablet's not suitable because you want that for.. general usage. There are also AR photos that exist called pryntables but they aren't as realistic.

Step 2) Think of a cool scene you would like to reenact.

Step 3) Costumes! Because if you're going to stay in a semi-permanent video loop you might want to dress to impress.

Step 4) Get a black background on which to record yourself or the subject of the video loop. For more extra points in style.

Step 5) Make it a loooong loop. A 15-30 minute loop with isn't that hard to make if you actually read a newspaper/book during it.

Brownie points for the person who also enacts a scene for nights and mornings.


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Re: How to make a moving portrait

How do you make one out of magic and not with muggle technology? :)

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