Post September 13th, 2017, 2:12 pm

Felix Felicis

In the beginning of ," The Order of Phoenix" Slughorn mentions that only one other student was able to gain Felix Felicis. At first it seems obvious that Severus Snape would be the one to receive said potion? Or was Tom Riddle the one that received it? This doesn't seem to line up at first, since Snape was the man who was the one who perfected the "Draught of Living Death" in the first shot, but if we were to back up we would see that according to lore Voldemort was born December 31st 1926, and Snape January 9th 1960. So it would make sense if Voldemort was the first to receive said spell, but if Slughorn always taught the way he did. That means that making the "Draught of Living Death" would be a surprise, even to young Voldemort. However, if Voldemort wrote the notes in Snape's textbook than it would make more sense. So the final question would be who was the other wizard that received Felix Felicis..