Post April 12th, 2014, 3:57 pm

Heartbleed - Security Vulnerability

This week a massive exploit has been discovered in one of the most widely used SSL protocols on the Internet, OpenSSL. Due to the scope of this exploit, many of your website and services accounts could be at risk. Consult the list of vulnerable websites and services to determine which passwords you need to change.

If you use your Harry Potter Forums password on any of the above websites affected by this exploit, please change it immediately. While Harry Potter Forums does not use SSL, and thus is not susceptible to this exploit, anytime you enter your credentials here on an open wireless hotspot or unknown Internet access point, you're openly announcing your login details.

Conclusion: Using the same password on this website on any other site, especially those affected by Heartbleed, places you at substantial risk.

Consult the security announcement for more details on how to secure your online presence.

Staff members have received a separate email.

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