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Graphic Artist Needed for Custom Rank Images

Graphic Artist Needed for Custom Rank Images Mini Contest

As you all should know, once a user on potterforums passes 3,000 posts, they get to choose a Custom Rank.

Along with the custom rank title, we like to provide the user with a nifty little image:

The image then get's placed in the user's information and is not only seen when clicking on the user's profile, but the image also appears with every single post the user makes.

Some people don't have one and that's what we're hoping to change.

We've gone through a few volunteers in the past who were all wonderful and helpful, but aren't able to help us with custom rank images anymore.

Now we're looking for another volunteer and we're holding a mini contest for this position.

All you have to do to be considered is just show us what you can do!

Please make a Custom Rank Image out of one of these (made-up) Custom Ranks:
smexy doll
Mars Curiosity Rover
Toujours Pur

...And then PM your work of art to Arabella or curiosity.

Please make sure you use a proper font, size and style for the image.
As with most custom rank images you'll be making, you get to choose the background. However, keep in mind, if you are chosen for this position, a user might give you a background to use.

The deadline is October 19 (Friday).

If you are chosen for this position, please be aware that:
  • The images should be made as soon as possible. If you accept the position, you must be willing to spend the time making them.
  • When making the images, you must remain objective. For instance, using a picture of a turd for the background when making a Custom Rank Image for the Rank "Future Mrs Christian Grey" is unacceptable. Hilarious, but unacceptable.
  • Stuff happens. If your life becomes too busy and you aren't able to make the Custom Rank Images anymore, just let a staff member know. It should go without saying that there won't be any backlash or repercussions.

Please PM Arabella or curiosity with any questions.

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