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Summer School House Cup



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Mrs. George Weasley
Mrs. George Weasley

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Post June 13th, 2011, 4:48 pm

Summer School House Cup


The 2011 Summer School House Cup has begun!

Our first annual House Cup Summer Session starts today!

Help earn points for your House by reporting* spam and trolls!

Win points for your House by entering our Contests!

Be careful, breaking Forum Rules will cause you to lose points for your House!

To check for the latest House Points scores, make sure to check the House Points thread often!

In order to participate, you must be sorted into a House.

*Please note that you can still make reports by clicking the report button or PMing a staff member.
Discussion may take place here or in your Common Room. Questions may be PMed to a staff member.

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Site Admin
Site Admin

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Post August 13th, 2011, 6:11 am

By unanimous vote by the Moderator Team and House Prefects, the Potter Forums House Cup of Summer 2011 has been cancelled. This has been discussed for several weeks and it wasn’t an easy decision to come to. When we started the project for the first time, it went great. Members contributed to all the contests, all houses got a record for their work, and we were able to improve the management of the board by giving points to those who reported content which broke the Forum Rules.

The second time around, we aimed to achieve the same goals, however it fell apart more every day. There are several reasons for cancellation. Staff has been busy, members have been over-zealous in reporting content, and the overall experience on the website has been dismal. Friendly competition has turned into animosity towards rival houses and individuals, that’s not how we anticipated this to go. For the sake of the staff and the members, we’re going to tally up all the points from events and reports that are from the start of the project to August 10th, 2011. The point totals will be announced shortly.

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