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The Ranking System

The Ranking System or ZOMG y am i still a muggle???!!!!!!111

What is a rank?
Your rank indicates how many posts you have made.

When you first join the forums, you are automatically a muggle. As you post, your rank will change. Please refer to the lists below for more information on what the ranks are.

Standard Ranks (0 posts - 1,499 posts):
These ranks are automatic. As you hit each post limit, your rank will automatically change.

Muggle - 0 posts
Squib - 50 posts
First Year - 100 posts
Second Year - 200 posts
Third Year - 300 posts
Fourth Year - 400 posts
Fifth Year - 500 posts
Sixth Year - 600 posts
Seventh Year - 700 posts
Hogwarts Graduate - 900 posts

Special Ranks (1500 posts - 3000 posts):
When you reach 1,500 posts, you may choose one of the Special Ranks from the list below.
Please post your request in this thread.

Azkaban Prisoner
Death Eater
Hogwarts Professor (pick which image you would prefer - Flitwick, Hagrid, McGonagall, or Snape)
Ministry Official
Order of the Phoenix
Quidditch Player
Shop Owner

Custom Ranks (more than 3000 posts):
When you reach 3,000+ posts, you may choose a Custom Rank. No ranks may be vulgar or character specific. Custom ranks do not have to be Harry Potter related. You may not have a Custom Rank that is already taken. All ranks must be accepted by a forum administrator. Please post your request in this thread.