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With plots cut then



Hogwarts Graduate
Hogwarts Graduate

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Post June 6th, 2017, 7:35 pm

With plots cut then

Harry Potter needs a television series or what about Netflix? (Think of A Series of Unfortunate Events)
Even Philosopher's Stone, Snape is supposed to be protecting it but it went from chess to mirror.

But I hope that if they made a Netflix series they wouldn't call the first series the Sorcerer's Stone :roll:
If its called Sorcerer's Stone get some American actors and call the Dursleys, Hermione's parents, ect. No-Maj's instead of Muggle and change Quidditch to Quodpot.
Harry Potter
Book Series
People also like Twilight, Harry Potter (film series) and other books.


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Fifth Year

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Post July 15th, 2017, 10:14 pm

Re: With plots cut then

It would be great but J.K. told lots of times that it will not happen when she is alive. Maybe we can watch Harry Potter TV series (7 seasons, 150 episodes or so) starting from 2065.

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