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Some questions/thoughts.




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Post November 8th, 2015, 9:18 am

Some questions/thoughts.

Since Fred and George used the Marauders map all these years, they could have seen Peter Pettigrew's (aka Scabers rat) steps on the map. Didn't they wonder who is that Peter Pettigrew which appears on the map and there is nobody nearby?

Divination professor's surname Trelawney, resembles to the Greek word "trelos" which means crazy. Trelawney is a little crazy indeed. Is this a coincidence?

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Re: Some questions/thoughts.

As for the first, many wondered about that. But Iguess they never really used the map to "stalk" the other students, but merely to find all secret passageways, etc.

As for Trelawney's name, I'm pretty sure Rowling thought that through :D
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