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The Dementor's Kiss




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Re: The Dementor's Kiss

World Engine wrote:As I say, the film makers are not perfect. The Harry Potter movies are not exactly masterpieces of modern cinema but, and I hate to say this, it had more to do with their inability to write a gripping film coupled with the incredible pressure the producers and investors would lay on you to deliver on time, than it did with them simply not caring. They do care. They do want to create a product that people love but it hardly ever works that way anymore. But it's a "product" and it needs to sell. And the unfortunate reality is that you need to keep your investors happy first and foremost. I agree with everyone here (ignore the dichotomy) but I ask, as an avid film student and writer, please do not be too harsh on the people who worked so hard to bring us an enjoyable experience. It can't always be perfect.

I agree with you and i also think they should have waited until the books were finished.They rushed into them without knowing where the story was going and put too much pressure on JKR to finish them.I understand why they did it but they would have made a lot of money either way.I don't know whether a different screen writer could of done a better job with what they had but i didn't like the Directors putting their own version of the books on film either.That is why i prefer the first two Chris Columbus did.


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Re: The Dementor's Kiss

Well, the movie has it's flaws. We all agree on that.
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