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Green Eyes



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Post May 26th, 2016, 12:37 am

Green Eyes

Yes, forcing a child into contact lenses for others enjoyment is bad. But green eyes is a large part of Harry and his story. Should the filmmakers have spent the money and time to turn Harry's eyes green, at least during close ups, throughout the 8 films?


Hogwarts Graduate
Hogwarts Graduate

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Post May 29th, 2016, 10:29 am

Re: Green Eyes

Daniel was actually allergic to the contact lenses but....
Both him and the actress who played his mother (adult, not the little girl with brown eyes)had blue eyes so just change it to blue in the films and it will stay as green in the books. Simple.
or I remember having an sticker book for the first film and Daniel had green eyes.
Films changed things. Like Devil's Snare light a fire change to sunlight the relax bit "he's not relaxing", Padma Patil's house and Hermione's dress colour. So blue eyes for Harry and Lily in films and green in the books.

The film makers tried to put false buckteeth on Emma for the first film but that didn't work either.

Peeves, Professor Binns, Ludo Bagman, Winky, Voldemort's parents and relatives, Cedric's mum, and Charlie Weasley. - What happened to them.
Ok I think an extra played Charlie in the photograph of the Weasley's in Egypt in the third film, and Peeves was supposed to be in the first film but removed completely.
Nearly Headless Nick was only in the first and second film, the Fat Lady was only in the first and third film.
How about when the Weasley's got stuck in The Dursley's fireplace in the fourth, or even Vernon Dursley's day at work in 1981 in the first, when the Dursley's thought they had won some best lawn competition. But it was Tonks who wrote the letter, to finally get Harry out of Privet Drive, in the fifth. How about in the sixth with the glasses hitting the Dursley's but it changed to some random muggle girl flirting with Harry, in a cafe when he was reading the Daily Prophet.
In the films they only show one Quidditch match, they didn't even show the whole Quidditch World Cup, no Quidditch game in the fifth film "Weasley is our King"
Who was the Hufflepuff seeker in the third film and he got hit by lightning in the match.

In the film's Harry's scar isn't in the middle of his forehead and it had gone in the film's epilogue.
Anyone ever thought of Harry's scar never in the middle of his forehead instead of going on and on about his eye colour.
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