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Post February 20th, 2011, 6:37 am


I think im not very sure though is quirell a Death Eater?


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Post February 21st, 2011, 11:08 am

Not really. He was away and stumbled upon LV in an Albanian forest who "convinced" him to join him. Voldemort didnt care about him at all, he just wanted to use him to get the stone.



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Quirrell was never a death eater, at the time the Voldemort found quirrell, he was not looking for death eaters as he did not need that kind of support as he was not powerful, and most of his death eaters has deserted him ny then anyway, so he may not have even liked the prospect of more death eaters


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Post May 24th, 2011, 12:07 am

This question was asked in a thread JUST a few away from where you asked your question:


Please use that thread, thank you!


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